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The extended lore of Riley Swanson, the Daredevil who was Built to Shred.


Riley Swanson is a senior at the International School of Bellevue, but his life extends far beyond that of a student. He is a renowned actor, jazz artist, cosplayer, athlete and shredder whose contributions to these fields will impact them for years to come. 

Cinema and TheaterEdit

Riley's acting career is no joke; he appears in various films from various genres over the past 7 years, and almost always takes a lead role in his film projects.

His first recorded appearance on the big screen is as one of the main protagonists in the feature film The Stultus Saltus (2012). The Bear Grylls spoof, initially a minor side project, soon became a cinema classic despite several critics saying "lol bad" about his performance. Unbeknownst to Riley, it would be his debut role on the world stage that would set him up to compete with high-budget films of the time such as The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall. The Stultus Saltus became popular worldwide, gathering an incredible 648 views since it's release on Youtube.

But that wasnt the last hit film featuring Riley Swanson to hit the big screen. In 2017, the Shredder starred in the Class of 2018 Senior Snowflake Video. Cast as the Marvel hero Daredevil, Riley plays a crucial role in fighting off the VP. His one-liner "show yourself" spread quickly within pop culture.

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"Show yourself!" exclaims Riley, as he confronts the notorious VP along with Superman and Ironman.

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In the Stultus Saltus (2012)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

-Midget Night Vision; although this is entirely speculation, it is suspected that Riley has inherited genes from a shorter homosapien species, gaining both the advantages and disadvantages associated with such.

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